New Oats Potato Cutlet reinvented our relationship

Along with my wife Sandhya , I started to prepare something new with Quaker Oats. Sandhya suggested to make cutlet . We both sat in evening yesterday ( Saturday ) and prepare the ingredients.

Sandhya is a very good cook. I eat a lot when she prepares anything. For a long time , we have not worked together on anything. I am so busy with my entrepreneurship that making time for wife has become a low priority agenda now a days. I like to make more time. But “other things” takes all my time. but Quaker Oats shows way.


We both finally prepared Oats Potato Cutlet.

I am able to remember that way she was telling , ” Will it be tasty for us ?” . But it was probably “most tastier” food we had prepared ever this year !


The making of Oats Potato Cutlet gave us two thing – a tasty cutlet and opportunity for both of us to work together unitedly to create a new food item!

It reinvented our relationship !

Ingredients :

a) Quaker Oats : 1 Cup

b) Potato : 100 gm

c) Suji : 50 gm

d) Jeera: 1/ 2 spoon

e) Green Chilli : 4 piece

f) Ginger :  1/2 inch

g) Garam massala : 1/4 spoon

h) Chat massala : 1/2 spoon

i) Jeera Powder : 1/4 Spoon

j) Curry leaf: some quantity

k) Coriander Leaves:Some quantity

L) Salt : As per need

m) Refine Oil : 50 gm

Process :

We brought boiled potato and chopped Coriander Leaves, ginger  and Curry Leaf . Later we mixed all massala, salt, chopped items with dry Quaker Oats and water .  Then we made cutlet as required shape.

In an another tray, fry the suji lightly. Then dip  the raw cutlet with the suji . Then cell-fry the cutlet with oil.

The Quaker Oats Potato Cutlet is now ready. One can serve these cutlet with tomato sauce.



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