Kremlin had employed Hundreds of people to push pro-Kremlin content through 50,258 phony account :Twitter

The world is getting surprised with every new information we are reading about Kremlin’s interest in USA President Election in 2016. Kremilin’s manipulation of Twitter is unparallel and unimaginable in the history of media in world.


t has admitted by Twitter itself that 677775 Americans  had either followed or liked tweets tweeted by a notorious Russian troll farm during the US Presidential election in 2016. It has also admitted that that it has found and shut down another 1,062 accounts associated the troll .

In a report on Friday CNN has reported that Twitter will inform all those in the U.S. that they either followed a Kremlin-linked troll account, or retweeted or liked a tweet sent by one of the accounts, the social media company. It is now globally acknowledged that Internet Research Agency, a Russian government-linked troll army in St. Petersburg had worked to meddle in the 2016 U.S. presidential election and to promote chaos and division in American society more generally.

CNN reports again also says  quoting a Twitter post, the micro blogging site has disclosed  that  such Russian Twitter accounts was 3,814 and those have  posted 175,993 tweets in the 10 weeks before the November 2016 election.

Twitter said it also identified another 13,512 automated accounts that were “Russian-linked” and actively tweeted during the election, bringing the total of such automated accounts to 50,258.

Twitter said it has notified Congress of its findings and will continue to search for other activity that might have been overlooked.

Lawmakers and researchers say the St. Petersburg agency employs hundreds of people to push pro-Kremlin content under phony social-media accounts.

Twitter said that because it has already suspended the agency’s accounts, their tweets are no longer publicly available on its platform.

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